Sunday, April 12, 2009


We decided that this year we would plant our very first vegetable garden. Grampy came over to help us and give us his expertise. I don't think we could have done it without him. Jarrett planted onions, green beans, cucumbers and 3 different types of tomatoes. We can't wait to see everything grow! Thanks Jarrett for doing this with the kids!!

Nathan was quite the helper.

The kids learned all about soil, manure and the spacing of seeds.

Madelyn liked planting the onions and labeling the wood posts.

I got to hang out with Jakey Pooh! (My friend Traci's little boy) Is he not the cutest thing??

Madelyn had her walk a thon at school.

We went to Kennedy's Spa bday party at Classroom Corner.

Our family had our annual Easter Egstravaganza at Aunt Kim's house. Grandmama helped the kids decorate Easter cookies and Easter cookie baskets. Nathan ate the icing, Ella poured half a bottle of colored sugar per cookie, Ty had fun eating the cookies, and Madelyn, well she just did what she was suppossed to. It cracks me up to see all their different personalities.

The dads were in charge of egg dying. They were smart and had them do it outside. Ty dyed his fingers and mouth instead of his eggs. It was hillarious.

Then it was time for the egg races. Last year Nathan cried the whole time. He couldn't get his egg to stay on the spoon and he lost. Two very frustrating things for a child with aspergers. This year was a whole new story. He did great plus he won, so that helped a lot!

Then it was time for the men to race. Let me just say that there was some serious cheating going on.. I will not mention names because you know who you are. By the way, dad, I was very proud of you for paricipating this year. You certainly held your own.

Next it was time for the Easter Egg hunt. The kids had fun opening the eggs. There was some serious trading going on.

Goofy Cousins!!

Cousins and best friends!

Kim and I have the same camera and we were trying different ISO settings. We had fun taking a ton of pics but we are seriously clueless! We need to take a photograpy class.
The Easter Bunny came and he delivered! The kids each got a new swim suit and water bottles for their lunch boxes along with candy, bubbles, and a jump rope. Our Easter Bunny is very practical.
Nathan and Madelyn and Mia ready for church. Madelyn was very excited that she found a dress that came with a matching doll dress. She carried Mia all around church today. I love it!!
And the very, very, best part of this weekend was welcoming our friend Jorge home! He is still sick and is trached but he is Alive and we are overcome with Thankfulness to our Heavenly Father for that. He is truly the GREAT PHYSICIAN! We pray that he continues to get stronger everyday.

Monday, April 6, 2009


For an update on Jorge go to Traci's blog, Her mom is updating it as she gets news. Please pray for them. They are our friends that we went to Disney World with. Our hearts are just aching for our dear friends. I just had a second, I will write more later, I am off to take kids to school.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm a Winner!!

When I was going through Nathan's backpack today, this is what I found. I especially loved the last line! HEE HEE!

Tonight I went to a women's ministry event called, "Tickle Me Pink". It was a lot of fun and I won a door prize, 1 week of free tanning!! Who Hoo!! It got me thinking of how "lucky" I have been. I don't really believe in luck but instead blessings. When I was a senior in high school I won a TV at the end of the year party, then there was a trip to San Antonio that we gave to Jarrett's parents, a trip to Branson, a Brighton Necklace, a free pedicure, a $500 visa card, and now free tanning. So girls, what have you won??