Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, we are finally well here at the Short home, two of us are still on antibiotics but feeling much better.
I have entered a new phase in life, working mom. I started substitute teaching a couple of weeks ago with the intention of doing it 2 days a week. Instead I have been doing it everyday. This week is already booked solid as well as 3 days next week. I love it but I am having a hard time balancing everything else that I take care of at home. Jarrett has been amazing and really stepped up to the plate. He has been such a big help to me! I also have been blessed with some great friends that have helped me by picking up the kids from school. I am so not used to having to ask for help. The kids are at different schools so sometimes that makes pick up hard when I am not subbing at either of their schools. This week I am subbing in special ed all week. 3 days in the autistic class and 2 in the MR class. I have really enjoyed special ed but do not think I could teach it full time. We are praying about me going back to teaching full time next year. I never ever thought I would go back. I sold all my stuff. But I did keep up my certification, just in case.
This change is exciting and sad. I am sad that my babies aren't babies anymore. I loved being home with them all day, every day. I am such a homebody so this season really suited me. I really can't believe that part of my life is over. So, it is time to move on and find joy in this new season. It is exciting because my babies are getting bigger and growing into such great people. They are fun to be around and we can do all sorts of things that we couldn't when they were younger. It's exciting because I am getting a paycheck for the first time in 8 years!! There is something rewarding about that. (trust me, it has nothing to do with the amount, because it ain't much) LOL. . Subbing is great for me because I have none of the extra responsibilites that just wore me out in the past, I just get to do what I love, teach! I am learning how to balance everything and learning to let certain things go. So we will see where God leads me as far as a job goes, I want to serve my family only in the way HE wants me to.
When we moved into our house when Nathan was one we used the formal dining room as a play room. We would jokingly call it the formal playroom. It was filled with all his sweet baby toys. We would spend hours everyday in there playing and reading. He learned how to walk in there. I would spend hours in the middle of the night in there with Madelyn when she was a newborn and had her days and nights mixed up. We hosted playgroups in that room. Over the years the toys changed but it continued to be the favorite hangout room for the kids and their friends. Then when we were homeschooling we turned it into a school room. We ripped the carpet out, laid wood, then we could do art and science experiements without having to worry about spills. It was such a great school room. So much was learned and discovered in there. The last few months it has sat empty. I cleared out all of the school stuff and pretty much just left Madelyn's gymnastic mat in there. Ok, I am a dork, I am crying. That room has changed with each season our lives. Today it was painted. The holes patched, the crayon marks coverd, but the memories remain. Today dining room furniture was placed in it. Today formal china was unpacked after 12 years of sitting in their original boxes. Today crystal was carefully placed in a beautiful hutch. Today I have a grown up room that is begging to be decorated. I am blessed. All my pics of baby days are pre-digital camera...

PS I am a deal seeking kind of momma, and boy did we get a deal on this furniture. A lady from Jarrett's office was selling it. It came with a table with 2 extensions, a full set of pads , 6 chairs, and the hutch. They don't have children so it looks brand spanking new. So now I am need of ideas for a rug, drapes and accessories. We are also adding trim to the white part to make it look like faux wainscoating and we will eventually recover the chairs with a more kid friendly fabric. I would love to hear your ideas!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

This week Kathy's blog will have a guest writer. Hi I am Kathy's husband. If you are a regular reader you know that a week ago both our kids got some kind of bug. We thought it was allergies, but Madelyn started throwing up every hour so I guess she had something a little more. About the time she got better, I had a major allergy attack. I was miserable for a week and Kathy told me I had to go see a doctor. After waiting in the waiting room for 20 minutes and waiting in the exam room for 40 minutes, the doctor came in and basically told me to get $50 of over the counter medicine. Like I have not been doing that over the last week. I told Kathy you know when you are getting old when you think you know more than your doctor.

Enough about my issues. Kathy now has come down with a sinus infection. She looks pretty miserable. Our house has been pretty nasty with people coughing, hacking, snorting, and puking long enough. I am hoping as soon as Kathy gets over her sinus infection we will be clear for the year.

As you can see by the picture she is getting all ready for Valentines Day. For those of you concerned she has grown Clifford the Big Red Dog ears, that is a rice bag you can heat up on her head. Since Valentines Day is Saturday and I still have not gotten anything for her I figured I would start my gift out by saying some nice things about my wife on her blog. God knows I will need the brownie points after she finds out I put this picture out here.

10 Things I Love about my Wife:

1. She is beautiful even when she has a big red rice bag on her head.

2. She is the social outgoing one. (Everyone knows I would not have any friends if I did not have such a lovely wife with a lovely personality).

3. She has been my best friend for 17 years. (6 years of dating and 11 fun filled years of marriage).

4. She is just as anal as me when it comes to a clean house, carpet marks, mowed yard, and clean cars. ( I wish she would understand why it is important to carry that to the garage).

5. The best mom anyone could ask for. She will go the extra mile for the kids.

6. I know ever night within 5 minutes of being in bed she will ask me to scratch her back.

7. Faithful

8. Reliable

9. Godly

10. Supporting

On a even more serious note she does complete me. I cannot imagine going through life with anyone else. It is true behind every good man is a great wife. She is the one that holds this family together. Taking care of the kids, grocery shopping, cleaning, bills, laundry, after school activities, and the biggest job of all taking care of me. My mom should be very proud to know that such a good women is taking care of her son. Honey I know we will have a Happy Valentines Day even if you are wearing your Clifford Ears.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Frugal Living

This picture will make since after you read my post. For some reason I can't move my pics around.
Lately I have been thinking a lot about living more frugally. I am not sure why really,but I am. Since I have been stuck at home due to the ice last week and Madelyn being so sick this week I have had some time to research ideas of how to be more frugal. I have always been interested in couponing and deal finding but I am just not seeing the savings I would like. Our family has always tried to live below our means and save for things before we buy them. Don't get me wrong, I have so many "Things" that I want. I struggle with being content and thankful for what I have. It seems I always want More. For instance, I really want granite for my kitchen and a King size bed and new bedroom furniture right now. There is a part of me that just wants to run out and buy it now and pay for it later. Or better yet, do 6 months no interest. But I know better. Those are traps and always come to bite you in the long run. Sometimes I believe the lie that what I have isn't good enough, trendy enough, that I will be happy if I just have more or something different. I believe that God wants us to be content in Him. He is Enough, He is Good, He is trendy. He will never go out of style!! Oh, how I struggle. There is a bedroom suite calling my name. But I will wait, I will save, and oh how much sweeter will that new bed be when I pay cash for it.

We went through Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey) a couple of years ago and it changed our lifes and how we think about money. I highly recommend it! Sometimes I hate those envelopes but they do help us stay on track.

Because of our 2009 Financial goals I really need to amp up our savings. The one category that I feel that I can shave some $ off of is groceries/household expenses. I will try to share some frugal tips with you over the next few weeks. Maybe we could call it "FRUGAL FRIDAYS"

Here is one that I came across today:

Make your own dryer sheets.

1. Dip an old washcloth in liquid fabric softener.

2. Ring it out.

3. Let it dry.

4. It can be used 12 times.

**I am not sure if it will work but we will see**

Another thing we are doing is trying to eat more left overs. We aren't big leftover eaters but I know it will save us money on our groceries.