Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He is ready to Fly

Thank you for all of the great advice!! I am happy to report the pee smell is gone! Or maybe my nose just got used to it. LOL!! Jarrett has been out of town on business this week and we miss him sooooo much. I have been busy decluttering our school room, the room is almost empty except for Nathan's table and the stuff we will need for the next week.

For the past two months Nathan has been undergoing a bunch of testing through the school system. In July his Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist asked us to consider putting Nathan in school. They think he has all the head knowledge but needs more situations to put things into practice. (Because of Nathan's extreme prematurity, 24 weeks, he has some autistic tendencies and some add tendencies) I see their point on one hand but don't on the other hand. We prayed and decided we would go through the testing to see if he qualifies for an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). We felt like if the school could provide some services that we can't at home we would consider putting him in school.

So next Wed is our big meeting where we will find out if he qualifies and what services he is eligible for. We will be making a final decision after the meeting but we are pretty sure he is going. He wants to go, which is a first. Please pray that our sweet boy will make a smooth transition, make friends, and that his sensory issues will not resurface. I have truly loved homeschooling Nathan, it has been such a sweet time with him. The Lord has given me more and more peace as the weeks have passed about sending him to school. We are submitting to God's will for Nathan's life each step of the way and if that means this year he goes to school and next year we homeschool we will do it. It might mean he goes to school the rest of the time, I just don't know but we will keep taking it a year at a time or should I say a month at a time, who am I kidding, a week at a time. We will just keep seeking His face for our children's lives. So here is to letting our kids FLY!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


There is a strange smell lurking in my kid's bathroom. I can't figure out where it is coming from. All I know is that it smells like boy pee. The grossest, most offensive smell I have a smelt in a while. Boy pee just smells different than girl pee. The smell reminds me of the way Jarrett's old bathroom in college at the house he shared with 3 other guys used to smell.

I have scrubbed the inside of the toilet, the outside of the toilet, washed the floor rug, scrubbed the tile and grout with clorox clean up and yet it is still there. Ok, boy moms out there, how do we get the smell out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Fun

Since we weren't able to go away for Fall Break this year we decided to just have some fall fun at home. The kids wanted to make pumpkin sugar cookies and decorate them. We had fun making faces We also went to the Y to swim and the pumkin patch in Owasso with our homeschool coop. Tonight we are going to have a picnic at the park.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We have been so busy lately and I just haven't time to blog. I will catch you up later on what is going on but here are a few pics to enjoy from my friend Lisa's 40th surprise party, Emily's b-day dinner and from the pumpkin patch today.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. DVR Oh my goodness, how did we live without it all of these years. We just got it and we are already spoiled.

2. Kisses from my children!!

3. My savior, Jesus Christ!!!!!! He is awesome, amazing and really cool. If you don't know HIM ask me and I will introduce HIM to you!

4. My amazing husband, who after a hard day at work came home and helped with dinner then took Madelyn to gymnastics and told me to just lay down. He is just the best!!

5. My laptop with wireless Internet. Thank you Jarr bear!

6. I appreciate that I don't have to work outside the home.

7. My Friends! I love doing life with each of you. You all make it so much more fun!

8. I am thankful for my health, even though I am sick today, I am thankful.

9. Pepsi, with crushed ice!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Traci telling me I looked 5 pounds thinner today. You Rock, even though you are a liar!!

11. My mom and dad!! I really appreciate them more now that I am a parent. I still can't figure out how they did it with 5 kids and manage to keep their sanity.

12 Homeschooling on my couch today. Adding double digits is a lot more fun under a cozy blanket in your pjs.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So, it's not a boil after all!

I need to clear something up. I do not have a boil! I went to the dr. today because what I thought was a boil was causing me severe pain, to the point of tears. My eye was swollen shut this morning and I had the worst headache in my life. I have a sinus infection and possibly shingles. They are treating me with 4 different meds and pain killers. My head feels a ton better but I am dizzy, tired and vomitting from all the meds. Jarrett, thank you so much for taking care of me and the kids and the house this week. You are truly amazing and such a precious gift to me. I appreciate you and love you!!! You are the best.

Please pray for a family at my church. They lost their 4 month old baby yesterday to SIDS. Baby Abigalyle was in my nursery class at church. Just a couple of Sundays ago I rocked that sweet baby to sleep. Our God is soverign and he will walk the mommy and daddy through this. My heart just aches for them tonight.