Friday, August 29, 2008


Today was Nathan's first day of homeschool coop. He loved his classes and he did great!! Most of all he was excited to be with his friends. There are ten 2nd and
3rd grade boys and no girls in his history class. It is going to be a fun class!! They are all so into history, especially the gory stuff. After coop Nathan and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things for the weekend and he had the idea that we should plan a special surprise family fun night for Daddy and Madelyn. So I told him it was all his to plan.

He picked out everyones favorite candy and said he wanted to go rent movies. When we got home he made some "Snacks for $1" signs. I guess he thought he should make some money on the deal. When Madelyn got home I heard him tell her to put on a pretty dress. A few minutes later they came out into the family room, him in plaid shorts and a dress shirt with his tie clipped onto the front pocket and her in her favorite "Bailey" red dress with hot pink tights. They did a formal dance for me. I was cracking up so hard. I just love how they love each other, it is just pure sweetness. He set up the family room with pillows, blankets, and got all the candy organized. Then we went and picked up a pizza. We got home at the same time as Jarrett and surprised him with "Family Fun Night." Nathan got a few strange looks at his choice of outfits but I didn't dare make him change. It was just too sweet. We had a great time watching movies and stuffing ourselves with candy and pizza.


Last night as I was singing Nathan his goodnight song, he told me in the sweetest way that I might need to work on my tempo and how loud and soft I sing. But other than that I had the best voice ever. (Bless his heart, he doesn't realize I can't sing at all) He was so serious as he critiqued each part of the song. I could hardly keep a straight face.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Reasors Field Trip

Today was our first homeschool field trip of the school year. The kids got to go on a behind the scenes tour of Reasors Grocery store. When we arrived there were name badges with each child's name printed on them. Nathan was so excited to wear his. We got to watch how they cut and package the meat, see where they store all of the extra inventory, explore the milk and ice cream freezers, etc. They let the kids pretend that they were cashiers and scan food then the day ended with a cookie and juice from the bakery. It was a great field trip, very informative, FREE and most of all fun!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walgreens Deals

Here are todays deals that I got at Walgreens. Jarrett is really getting a kick out of my enthusiasm for getting "Deals". Ok, the funny thing is that we are stocked up on Kleenex, deodorant and toothpaste for the next year but I seem to always be out of milk, fruit, OJ. You know the stuff you need everyday, but by golly we will not run out of toliet paper or air freshener.

1. Puffs 89cents walgreen coupon, paired with a 25 cent MAG coupon
TOTAl 64 cents per box
2. Glade scented oil plugins: BIGI Free paired with a $4.00 off/1 coupon,
Total: 79 cents for 2
3. Dawn Dish Soap: Walgreens coupon for 99cents, paired with a 50cent MAG coupon
Total: 49 cents
4. Deodorant: 2.99 paired with a $1.00 MAG coupon, plus received a $1 Register Reward
Total: 99 cents

My total: $4.80
My savings: $15.04

Second Transaction:
1. Pullups: $2.00 coupon, plus received a $2.00 Register Reward
Total:6.49, with RR $4.49
Savings: $7.49

Third transaction
1. Chalk $1.00 (I needed it to have the same #items as coupons.)
2. Rimmell Mascara: Buy 1 get 1 free, I used a $1 coupon on each mascara
Total paid for 2 mascaras $4.79
3. Pull ups: used $2 coupon plus recieved another $2 RR (but the kid forgot to put it in my bag.)
My total: $12.28
Total savings: 14.79

My total spent today: $22.57
My total savings: 37.32

PS Yes, both my kids are STILL in PULL UPS, Pray for us!! We could have fully funded their college funds with what we have spent on pull ups!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Try a McDonalds southern style chicken sandwich for free. You just have to buy a drink. I am sending this with Jarrett for his lunch! Just go to

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Walgreen Deals

My coupons and I hit Walgreens this afternoon. I got some decent deals. T-paper is expensive but it is just one of those things we all need, that is what drove up the cost this week. I paid $14 for 2 big packs, used 50cent coupons of each, then earned a $3 coupon that I used to pay for the cereal.
Here is a picture per Dawn's request. Ok, I spent $20 but my bill would have been over $40 without the walgreens coupons and manufactures coupons. One of my favorite deals this week was the cheerios. It seems cereal prices have gone through the roof so when I can get a deal I get pretty excited. (sad, uhh) The boxes were on sale for 1.99, then I used a $1.00 off 1 coupon for each. 99cents for a good size box!! YIPEE!!!! I forgot to include my 39cent m&ms in the first picture. My goal for this year is to really stretch our grocery/household budget. It is actually kinda of fun. So if you are a frugal shopper, deal finder, etc. I would love your ideas or websites that help you out. Just think the more $$ we save the more vacays we can plan, the more we can bless others, the more we can save, tithe, etc!!

My Little Scientist

For Nathan's second grade science we are using a new curriculum called "Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry". (There is also Biology, etc.) For my homeschooling buddies, the author is Dr. R.W. Keller. We have loved it! Don't let the Chemistry thing scare you, it did me at first. Nathan loves science and within the first 3 days did 2 chapters and 2 experiments. It was designed to do 1 per week for 10 weeks. So we will have to order the Biology pretty soon. The experiments have been cool so far and are really teaching the "scientific method." He has learned about atoms and molecules so far. Here are some pictures of his molecule models. He learned that when atoms form molecules they have to follow "rules." The other picture is of my kids wearing overalls they made out of walmart sacks. Cute! Madelyn doesn't want to go back to school tomorrow. She had trouble leaving me on Friday and threw an all out screaming and crying fit at school. They had to peel her off of me. I wanted to just cuddle her and take her home, but I didn't and I never let her know that. Pray that tomorrow morning goes better. Going to school all day compared to 3 days for 2.5 hours is a huge adjustment.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Bike Accident

I am known to have some weird ailments and strange accidents but this one may take the cake. Yesterday afternoon the kids and I were going to go on a bike ride, usually I just walk along with them but they asked me to ride. My bike hangs from the ceiling with those hook thingys. It is basically right in front of my car. So I carefully grabbed each tire, I was on my tippy toes with hands raised above my head, then lifted the tires at the same time. All of a sudden the bike flipped over my head toward the car and the metal bar by the seat hit me in the back of the head, hard. My hands were in some strange position at this point and my head was throbbing. I couldn't let go of the big because it would hit my new van. I wanted to release it so bad, it was killing me but I took one for the team. Painfully I shimmed over away from the car and I let go of the bike. It hit me all along my back side. I collapsed on the ground just crying out in pain. I couldn't get up, I was so dizzy and felt like I was about to pass out.

Madelyn watched the whole thing. She took my house key, unlocked the door, got my cell phone and called Jarrett. I am so thankful for her! She stayed calm and did what needed to be done. She is such a whiz with phone #'s for a five year old. Nathan watched too and then saw some big kids playing and left on his bike. (We don't let them just go like that yet!)

I still couldn't get up so I told Madelyn to go find her brother and bring him home. Anyway, I stayed in bed the rest of the night. I was very dizzy and nauseous. Today I am better but I have a sore head, sore hand and a bad spot on my head. Later that night we asked Nathan why he left Mommy when she was hurt and he said that she is a grown up and can take care of herself and that we were supposed to go on a bike ride so that is what he did. I told that to his speech path. today who works with him on social stuff and she said that was typical of kids with aspergers and that they would work on that.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I didn't sleep well last night and was up this morning by 6:00. Jarrett totally called that one and was prepared for an all nighter. He is such a great guy! We watched the Olympics, ate pringles, and talked and I cried.

It is amazing what you can get done while the kids are still sleeping. I showered, got ready and then made my family a nice sit down breakfast. By 7am everyone was up and eating breakfast. I wrote the kids each a little note that was waiting for them on their plates and sang them the "school days" song that my parents sang to us on the first day of school every year, even the college years.

We took pictures and off we were! When we got to the school there were no parking spots and that's when Madelyn's tears started. We reassured her and she put the tears away and walked in with a smile. I didn't want to get left in the car so I sucked it up and walked her in tearless!! Thanks for the prayers!

She did great and was so excited. She gave us hugs and kisses and a see you later alligator. That was it. No hesitation on her part what so ever!!! One of the little girls that she knew from the "Y" was crying her eyes out and Madelyn went right over to her, grabbed her hand, and tried to comfort her. That gave me such a peace! She is so compassionate! We quickly exited, I think Jarrett was trying to prevent me from having a "moment" or "meltdown" in public! I cried a little in the car and then bust out laughing when Nathan said, "Mom and Dad you are freaking me out! It is JUST School!" You see Jarrett was egging me on, trying to video me crying. Gotta love Nathan's comments!

We got home and got busy starting Nathan's first day of school. I showed him where the cafeteria is (the kitchen), where the bathroom is and where the classroom is. He told me to call him the "new student". I was just being silly. One thing I love about homeschooling is that I know where he is academically and we just start there. We bypass all the beginning of the year getting to know you stuff. We stayed busy all day, learning, cooking and going to Piano lessons. He did an entire weeks worth of science today. So if I calculate this we will be done with chemistry in about 2 weeks. I think I may have my work cut out for me. I keep looking at the clock, wondering what she is doing now? I wish that they had video monitors so I could just peak. You know, just to see that she is happy. Is that weird??

Ok, it is time to pick her up! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Update: When she saw me she had a mean scowl on her face. I thought oh, no she hated it. I was planning on how to tell Jarrett that she was NOT going back. When she walked up to me I was expecting a HUGE hug and "Mommy I missed you!" Nothing, I got nothing. She barely gave me a side hug. I handed her teacher the fresh homemade cookies and note thanking her for the first day...she told me that Madelyn was a great helper and had a wonderful day. I was totally confused by Madelyn's demeanor. When we got to the car I asked her what was the matter and she said that she was HOT and had been outside for like 18 hours. Then I got a big hug and she said she loved it. Her favorite thing was eating in the cafeteria and "rest your brain" time. Ok, so I guess she is going back tomorrow. I am glad she had a wonderful day and am excited to see what this year brings.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kindergarten for Madelyn/ The psych ward for Mommy

Ok, maybe not the psych ward but maybe a counselors office instead?? Tomorrow is the BIG day. I am not sure I can handle this. My baby, my sweet, precious, adorable, smart, friendly, funny, silly, kind, big hearted, did I say precious?, baby is leaving the nest. She is going to KINDERGARTEN. Ok, so it is less than a mile from our nest, but to me it seems like half way around the world. I know every mom has a hard time with this new chapter in their children's lives, but that does not make me feel any better about it. Oh, I know this sounds like such an over exaggeration. I will look back on this some day and laugh at myself.

So I posted awhile back about how we, or should I say I, was on the fence about homeschooling Madelyn. It seriously made me sick thinking and stressing about it all summer. At the end of June I told Jarrett that he just needed to make this decision because I couldn't. I can totally see the positives to both options. So after like a milli second after I said that to him, he told me she was going to school. I cried like a baby for the next couple of days. I keep telling myself, "I am being submissive, I am being submissive!!!" I will trust his decision for our family, but I will be honest it is hard.

I am happy and excited for Madelyn yet sad and nervous all at the same time. It didn't help that the school handbook said," Due to the increased violence in elementary schools...". I about pulled her out right then. It freaks me out that she will be with this "other women" more hours during the day than with me.

When I went into Madelyn's room this morning, she started crying and said she didn't need to go to kindergarten because there was homework that would be too hard, no babies to play with and no snacks to eat. I comforted her and reassured her that she was going to be fine. Yet on the inside I was DYING! I wanted to do what any self respecting mother would do and tell her that she can just stay home with her mommy and not go to that evil place that doesn't let you play with baby dolls. But I resisted temptation.

So today I took her to "meet the teacher." I have been praying since June that God would place in her just the right class with just the right teacher. So now my job is to trust HIM. Madelyn knew four other kids in her class which made us both feel better. (No surprise, she knows more people in this town than we do.) She loved her teacher and her classroom, especially the computers and kitchen area. Nathan just stood next to the CD player listening to some cute songs which he later recited to us. I wish I had his memory. It is pretty darn incredible!!

Ok, one funny Nathan story. While I was signing up for the PTA, Nathan walked around the table and stood right next to the PTA lady and told her that he knows all about personal space.

She said, "Ohh, that's great!"
Nathan, "Yea, you have your bubble, and I have mine. If I get too close I will pop your bubble."

I was cracking up!! I guess social therapy is helping. (for those of you that don't know Nathan has "autistic tendencies" I think most of the time his tendencies are pretty funny!

Jarrett just told me that if I can't hold it together tomorrow morning that I was not allowed inside the school, oh pray for me!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Needs a Loan!

Nathan lost a tooth yesterday at church and then another today. That is 3 in the last couple of weeks. He looks so cute!! I think this means that when we go to the Dentist this fall we will be getting the expanders put in. Yuck!

My Walgreens Deals

I have started couponing and trying to get good "deals" lately as my grocery/household budget has been blown through the roof. I have always couponed to some degree and price matched but thanks to some cool websites I am learning really how to maximize our budget, especially on household products. Last week I got $40 worth of products at Walgreens for $14 dollars plus a $13 rebate gift card is coming my way. It is fun saving that kind of money. The biggest thing I have learned is cut all the coupons out of the Sunday paper. even if it something I don't need right away, because usually that item will go on sale sometime during the month. I have been putting a manufac. coupon with a store coupon and a lot of times will get that item free or close to it. (Especially at Walgreens and Target) Here are some of my deals this week, not great, but helpful non the less!

Aquafresh kids toothpaste: Buy one for $2.19 get one free + .75 cent coupon = 1.44 (2)

Kleenex: 89 cents Wal. coupon, save 50cents on 3, $2.17 (for 3 boxes, which is .72
per box)

Scott t-paper: 1.99 Wal. coupon + $1.00 off =.99

Bic pens: 2 for $1 + $1.00 off = FREE

My total Trip $4.66 (Not too bad for 2 tubes of t-paste, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 4 rolls of t-paper and 2 packs of pens!)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My baby brother, who is 10 years younger, got married this past Saturday in Dallas. It was the hottest day of the year reaching 109 degrees and it was an outside wedding. The heat didn't bother us one bit. They had these big blowing things under the tent that kept it bearable. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and reception. Steven and Elizabeth were so happy. We had an eventful weekend with the Bridesmaids luncheon, which my sis's and I hosted, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, then a Sunday morning brunch. It was fun visiting with my relatives and spending time with my family. The cousins always have so much fun playing together. Madelyn was so cute at the reception, she followed Liz around the whole time telling her how beautiful she was, how cute her dress was, and how pretty her hair was. Thank you Liz for being so sweet to her! The highlight for Nathan was swimming with his cousins and spending the night in a hotel. We even got to visit with Jarrett's sister and family in Frisco and go swimming with them. My kids have really become little fish this summer. Madelyn is now swimming with no floaties and is diving off the diving board. Nathan had fun practicing his dives too. It is so fun to watch them. My goodness they are growing up. Here are some pics from this weekend.