Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little of this and a lot of that

Our lives have been a whirlwind lately. I have been subbing a lot at Nater Bug's school and I have really enjoyed working in the autism class. Beaded Kreations, my little side jewelry business, has been busy lately. I seem to spend my nights stringing bracelets.

Jarrett went with Madelyn's kindergarten class to the Zoo. Her favorite part was riding the school bus.

Nathan and Madelyn went to a roller skating birthday party. It was their first time to ever roller skate. Madelyn picked it up pretty quick. Nathan wanted to give up after the first time around but eventually we got him to try again.

We went to Dallas for my big sister Karen's surprise 40th bday and for my nieces first birthday. It was a fun weekend with family. Madelyn loves her aunt Liz and hardly left her side.

My bro Steve is such a goof!

Before Nathan's piano recital.

Because of all the rain the kids have had to get creative with their indoor play. They made a "Hotel for Dogs". They even had an indoor toilet for their pets. Madelyn made signs and sign in sheets.

Madelyn slept through most of the piano recital.

Nathan did a great job at his recital. We were so proud of his accomplishments. One of Nathan's physical therapist was there to watch her son and just couldn't believe that the little Nathan she used to work with was playing the piano. Next week we are off to OKC for the state competition.

Hanging out with cousins in Dallas. Don't judge me for letting Nater Bug drink Dr. Pepper. I swear he only had 3 sips.

And the best thing that has happened this past month is I have a new nephew, Cash. He is so stinkin cute!!! He is an answer to prayers!