Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My friend Traci and my cousin in law both sent me this link. You all need to check it out and grab some Kleenex. It is so touching and try to read back in this ladies blog.


Sorry I have been MIA lately. We are just adjusting to our new school year schedule and I just haven't really had any free time lately. I started a new Beth Moore Bible study a couple of weeks ago and I have a lot of homework, which I LOVE!!! It just takes time to do, but I have to say it is well worth it. I am learning so much about our truly amazing God. We also have started Coop classes which take up our Fridays. Nathan is doing great, we frequently find him in his room surrounded by books just reading. It is so exciting to see him reach this milestone. When he was a baby I would pray that he be able to learn and have a normal life. The doctors weren't very encouraging in those early days so let me just tell you that we are filled with joy to see him not only learning but loving to learn. God made me a promise a long time ago that Nathan would be a mighty man of God. So we are trusting him daily for that promise and we are so blessed to see Nathan turning his heart to the Lord. Madelyn is doing well also. She loves Yellow Balloon Preschool and is actually walking into class without crying. Ok, well I need to get her to preschool. I hope everyone has a great day! ~K

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sister's of the Skillet

Me and my 3 good friends get together every month (at least we try to, but it usually more like every couple of months) and cook a bunch of meals at once. We call ourselves Sisters of the Skillet. We are even thinking of getting aprons with our name put on it....

I know you may be thinking we are dorky but we have a ball doing it and no matter what something always funny happens. Like today for example, Sherri was cutting meat with a brand new electric knife, I was making a marinade for Kabobs and Lisa was cooking her homemade chicken noodle soup. Lisa kept spilling things and making a mess which is very unlike her. She was cooking the soup in a giant stock pot and after 30 minutes or so she made the comment that it is taking forever to boil. I had started feeling light headed and was having trouble following my recipe for Kabobs. I smelled something weird but I thought it was Sherri's new electric knife making a funny smell. After Lisa's comment about the soup not boiling Sherri notices that there is no flame under the pot. You gotta it, the gas was going, but no flame. Lisa immediately turned off the gas, I rounded up the kids, and we all went outside to the fresh air. When I walked back into the house a few minutes later the house had the strongest smell of gas that I have ever smelt. We were shocked that we hadn't smelt it while we were in there. We opened up the windows and doors and let the house air out. We were afraid the house might blow up if we tried to turn the burner back on so we waited a while to resume cooking.

Lisa was the brave one and turned the gas stove back on and I am happy to say that we didn't blow up. So the sister's of the skillet is still in business. Last spring when we cooked at my house we almost got blown away by a tornado, no lie.... so yet again the good Lord saved us.

If you would like a copy of our recipes I am very sorry to report that all recipes remain a secret with the sisters.