Saturday, June 23, 2007

We got a new digital camera and found an easy way to share our pictures, so if you would like to check it out I have added the web address below. We will be adding more pics each week. You need a password so if you want to look at them email me as my dear hubby is afraid our children will be kidnapped if I post the password on my blog, which nobody reads, except for my dear friend Traci. So Traci, email me and I will give you the password. Have a great day!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Booby Covers???

We just got back from seeing the play "Oklahoma" tonight for Jarrett's company party. It was a good time except for the food. It was made by the Cattlemans association and I mean no disrespect, but they need some new cattle or something. Nathan and I ended up eating popcorn and ice cream instead of the steak dinner. Two sno cones, a bowl of ice cream and a box of popcorn later Nathan was officially on a sugar high. Even though he fell out of his chair 3 times because of his sugar coma he was into the play especially when the guns were fired. I know I have been to discoveryland several times in my life but I honestly don't remember watching the play any of those times. The play was actually pretty good.

Madelyn is out of town with my parents and her cousin so she didn't get to come with us. They are having a great time but I miss her.

Jarrett and I realize with her gone our house is quiet and a little lifeless but I must add much cleaner. Boys don't chatter as much as little girls. Nathan is more low key and doesn't quite know what to do without her here.

By the way, I got a new toy this week, it is the mercedes of washing machines and dryers. They are front loaders that use less detergent and wash and dry without using as much water or electricity as the older models. Our dryer was attacking our clothes and burning them and our washer was staining them. I finally had had it with them and started crying when my washer bleached out a brand new sweater of mine when it was on gentle cycle with two other items. It was totally uncalled for!! So my dear, sweet husband helped me pick out a really nice new set. He even sprung for the pedastals, which by the way make all the difference.

The first day I had it I had all the sheets in our house done by 10 am and I started at 8am. Before it would have taken me all day to do 3 sets of sheets. When we were saying our bed time prayers the other night, Madelyn said "Thank you God for the new washer and dryer you gave Mommy, they are totally awesome." How sweet is that.

Have a great weekend!

PS Today at Target, we were walking through the bra section and Nathan blurts out "Mom, are you getting any of those Booby Covers?"

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Yes, I admit it I am a Type A Person and that's ok!

For those of you who don't know, which is very few of you because I am obnoxious and can't quit talking about it, our family is going on a 10 day Disney cruise to the Mediterranean! Yes, you heard me right, the Mediterranean!!!!

ONLY 39 days to go!!! I am soooo excited. Can you tell? Jarrett's mom and dad surprised us at Christmas with "the trip of a lifetime" to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. It also happens to be our 10th anniversary this summer so Jarrett is getting off easy as far as planning a romantic getaway. We are going to some amazing ports that are full of rich history and beauty. We are so blessed! There will be 10 of us travelling together, here is the cast of characters:





Grammie-fifty something

Grampy- fifty something

Uncle Blake-30 something

Aunt Jennifer- 30 something

Nick- 13

Ally- 7

Ok, I am going to make a confession: I suffer from "CPD: Compulsive Planning Disorder" Ever since we found out about the trip I have been in researching mode. Half the fun for me is the planning, it just feds my excitement. Now, don't get me wrong, I can occasionally be spontanoues and not overplan but this trip is different. It is seriously a once in a lifetime kind of trip. (Plus I have to pack for 4 people for 13 days, that requires some thoughtful planning) I never thought I would go to Europe in my life and I honestly don't know much about the places we will be visiting. So I am trying to learn the basics so I don't look a total idiot and can enjoy the places we are going.

For the last couple of months every night after the kids would go to bed I would cuddle up on the couch, connect to the Internet and start reading. I researched cruise websites to find out out what kind of excursions people had enjoyed in the past and what are the must sees at each port. I started reading other peoples blogs and even got to start "chatting" or "dissing" with other cruise members that are going on the same cruise as us. I will already have a group of friends on board when we get there. We are having a meet and greet the first day on the ship. Jarrett said there is no way he is going!! He has had more fun poking fun at me about this. But you know what, I know that deep down he loves me for my obsessiveness.

The big decision, for me at least, was deciding on excursions. There are so many to choose from and of course, none offer everything you want to do... so you have some serious choices to make.
The other complicating factor is that Disney Cruise Line opened excursion reservations on line at 3 AM! Yes, you read that right... So I had to set the alarm and get up in the middle of the night to try and book the excursions I wanted. I also hoped for Palo dining reservations, (Palo is an adult only restaurant that is supposed to have amazing food.) but that became secondary. The computer lines were down at 3am. I wasn't a happy camper..but what can you do?

They finally came online that afternoon.
In deciding on our excursions, we laid out the itinerary so we could see where we'd be the day before and the day after each port. Didn't want to book back to back 8-9 hour excursions.. whew.... I had already booked private tours in Rome and Naples so I didn't have to worry about those ports.
The very first excursion I attempted to book was for Villefranche -- Convertible Car Tour of the Cote d'Azur. This was the one tour Jarrett was most interested in. Yes you and your companion get to drive around the French Riveria in your own convertible! It was VERY disappointing to see this was completely booked when I got online. I guess all the concierge guests (who get to reserve prior to the Castaway Club members) gobbled them all up. Since that time, I have heard from some on later cruises that this excursion seems to be unavailable even when things "open up". Hmm.. We are not booking anything for this port in hopes that something will open up when we get there.

Here are the ports of call we will be visiting:

If you know anything about any of these places please let me know. I am working on a booklet that I will have professionally bound by my support staff (AKA Jarretta) that will include all the information needed for each port, itineraries, packing lists, airline info, emergency phone #'s, etc. It will be a smaller size so that it can fit in a backpack easily. I am doing this for each family that we are travelling with. Don't make too much fun of me because I may just send you one too. I know you want one!

Ciao! (that's Italian for Goodbye}

PS Drop me a line and let me know you stopped by.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

My not so exciting life

I have been up all night sick with what I am diagnosing myself with as a sinus infection. Jarrett finally kicked me out of the bed because my horrible snotty noises. I drove myself to the 24hr Walgreens at 5am to buy a sinus cleanse as well as an eyebrow brush, I was desparate. If you have never tried one I would highly suggest this if you are congested and have bad facial pain. The eyebrow brush is to tame my unruly brows. Oh, that reminds me, I got my eyebrows waxed this week. I am trying to avoid going to the dr and getting an antibotic. I used to get these sinus infections all the time when I was teaching school but I now only get them once or twice a year. I blame this one on mowing the lawn for Jarrett this week. He has been busy at work so I thought I would help him out, I think I will reconsider being nice next time.
I have CNN on right now and they said Florida is getting hammered with a tropical storm. My parents are there visiting my g-ma, my sister and her hubby and daughter are at disney world and my sister in law and her family are there for a church retreat. Umm, not a good week to be in Florida. I am glad I am stuck in Oklahoma, congested, achey, feverish, and feeling downright miserable. Just kidding.

Not much has been going on with us which honestly, is really nice. I got my house cleaned this week and our kindergarten homeschool stuff organized. We are officially done with Kindergarten. I can't believe it!!We are going to do summer school so we can study about the places we are visiting on our mediterean cruise and keep up with handwriting and reading. However, it is going to be a very relaxed schedule. If we feel like doing it we will if we don't feel like it we won't. The kids start swim lessons next week. We are hoping the weather gets better around here so we can go to my parents house and swim and go to the lake. Ok, that is all that is going on in our not-so exciting life. Do you like the rambling? I am drugged up on sudafed and tylenol pm. Traci, this is for you!!!