Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ok, don't worry you can keep reading, no preachin' today. The big news from our house is that Nathan lost his first top tooth. He looks so stinkin cute!

This weekend Madelyn got her first mani/pedi at a "real" nail salon for her friend Olivia's birthday. She told her daddy that she get could used to "this". Oh, boy we are in trouble. However, she was devastated when the paint on her fingers started pealing off as soon as we swam.

We were going to start "School" this week because it is so crazy hot here. But we all woke up Monday and decided that it was just to crazy hot to start school. So we went swimming with some friends instead. That is the one of my favorite things about homeschooling, we can do what we want. I always like to start early so we can take time off throughout the year. So, our new plan is to maybe start next Monday unless we get a better offer. Oh, yeah Madelyn is starting Kindergarten at public school. I am not dealing with this well but I am being "submissive" to my sweet husband who thinks that this is what is best for her. I may need therapy after Aug. 14th. when she starts. HA HA! She is super excited, today we drove by her school and she started jumping up and down and said, "Mommy, please let me go, please!!"

Ok, so I thought I was doing a good job of acting excited about her going to school but I guess I can't fool her. I just wish it was still 1/2 day instead of all day. She has never been to school for 7 hours a day. That seems like such a long time for a 5 year old to be at school. I have slowly been buying her school supplies and I got her a really cute backpack with her name on it from Pottery Barn. So I am not totally in denial.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tearing down idols!

Last Sunday we decided to take a break or a "fast" from TV, computers, and WII. We had several reasons for the break. I won't bore ya with the details. I will say my house has been much more peaceful. We usually don't watch a lot of tv during the day but the kids were wanting it more and more. Nathan and I had the hardest time. Everyday he would try to talk me out of the electronic break. I held firm. We did let them watch a video on Friday night because they each had a friend over spending the night and something funny happened. They couldn't sit through it. After a few minutes they were back up playing. I also noticed that a lot of forgotten toys were played with this week. Unfortunately, it was too hot to be outside for very long unless we were swimming, which we did a lot of this week. The hardest part for me was the computer. I really love my laptop! One night a couple of weeks ago, I reached for my laptop as it was sitting on top of my Bible on my nightstand, God convicted me that I had made that laptop an idol. WHAAATT! The computer on top of my Bible was such a visual for me. I started thinking about that, I was constantly reaching for my computer to research stuff instead of going to my Heavenly Father's counsel, HIS WORD. It is what I should be reaching for. I have a long way to go. I pray that the Lord will help me tear down the idols in my life. I want to be an example for my children and my hearts desire is for them to always reach for the Ultimate idol rather than all of the false ones in our world. What idols do you have in your life?

In the United States, when someone thinks of idols, he may think only of statues that people worship in certain parts of the world. He may not consider that a television can be an idol. He may not consider that an automobile, house, certain possessions, a hobby, a person, a political party, a cause, a job, a sport, an addiction, lusts, pleasures, or some other thing, can become an idol.
A person may not consider that stubbornness is as idolatry in the eyes of God. Covetousness is also considered idolatry in the eyes of God. A person seldom considers that his own selfishness can be an idol, as "self" is more important than God.
Very few consider that anything, which is more important to a person than obeying God, may be considered an idol.
Astrology, money, gold, silver, investments, success, popularity, pride, and many other such things, are also idols to people.
Idols are an abomination to the Lord. God is a jealous God.
Those that make, possess, or worship idols are cursed.
To put anything before God, or to esteem any created thing more than God the Creator, is wickedness and a form of idolatry.
God’s warning is clear: do not do it.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I am going to be taking a break from blogging and the "computer" this week. So if you need to get in touch with me, just give me a call!! I will be back soon!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fix it Up Friday!

Ok, so some of my blogging buddies have been doing "Tackle it Tuesday" where they tackle a household project and show before and after pics. Tuesdays tend to be busy so I did a "Fix it up Friday". We stayed in our pj's until 4:00 today and seriously did not go outside until after dinner. The only reason we got dressed was that daddy would be coming home soon. It was kind of nice after a busy week. I paid bills, then we fixed up our school room, AKA the dining room, AKA the play room. The kids and I went through every nook and cranny. We even tested every marker and threw away the ones that didn't color pretty anymore. This room was in need of some serious attention. Nathan and Madelyn helped rearrange the room. It is always fun to make it different before we start back to school. The kids are ready to start back again but I am not so sure if I am yet. Ok , here are some before pics.

Ok, here are the after pics which might I add don't do justice for all the bins and drawers that we cleaned and organized.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Madelyn's Eyes

Today was Madelyn's big eye appointment in OKC. Daddy took the day off to go with us. Nathan stayed home and went to music camp at our church then Grammy and Grampy took him to Piano lessons. Madelyn loved having us all to herself. We went for a nice lunch in Bricktown then headed to the eye institue. A couple of weeks ago at her annual eye appointment Dr. Groves found something that didn't look right in her optic nerves so he wanted us to take her to get an eye ultrasound. When we got home that day she told me that when we go to the appointment she was going to hit the dr. with two big popsicle sticks. OHHH Scary!! She even put the sticks in my purse. Since then she would make silly threats every so often. Madelyn has not had a very glamerous reputation with "medical procedures" (Just read last years post about her MRI) I was a little worried that she would be uncooperative for the procedure as well. I prayed that she would do great and she did. She was a trooper!! They stuck a miniture ultrasound wand on her eyes and all around her eyes. I could not stand that one bit. I can't even put a contact in my eye. Madelyn didn't even flinch. We were so proud of her!!! They found calcium deposits in her optic nerve which is a congenatal defect and shouldn't cause anymore problems. She will have to wear glasses the rest of her life but that is not so bad.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We got better with age!

I had to post a more recent Miller family picture. I am just thankful Kris didn't wear the pearls in this one! Ok, people who do you vote is the most improved??

There are no words!

I am not sure what year this was taken. I just can't seem to find adequate words to describe this picture. I think we should roast my sister Kris, she is the one in the blue dress that goes up her neck. Kris, were you going for the pilgrim look or the Amish?? I thought it was Easter, not Halloween! I am not saying that I am any better looking in this picture. Who in the world would cut a girls hair like that? I look like a boy. Kim, isn't Karen's dress the one we both wore again our senior year in highschool? At least Steven and Kim look cute. Karen, all I can say is WOW that is some Hair!

1990's Hair Flashback!

I just had to post this picture Sisters!!! Jarrett is putting together a video for Steven's wedding and we came across this picture. Can you belive the hair? Could it get any bigger??? Karen, how much aqua net did it take to get your hair like that. I laughed so hard when I saw this I almost peed my pants! Just wait I think Jarrett found another one, oh my goodness it is worse.


Madelyn got baptized tonight. She has been excited all week looking forward to her big day. Right before we left she asked if she could wear my diamond cross necklace since she was a Christian now. Absolutely sweet girl! The last couple of weeks since she asked Jesus into her heart she has been telling everyone about it; random people at the grocery store, Nathan's occupational and speech therapist, everyone at church, etc. I wish I had her boldness. She wanted to get baptized as soon as possible, Nathan on the other hand told us that, "some kids just need more time, and he is one of those kids." We only want him to do it when he is convicted to do it, so his logic works for us.

All her grandparents were there as well as Aunt Kim, Uncle Micah, Ella and Ty supporting her. I am so thankful for the legacy Jarrett's parents and my parents have given us. I appreciate that they took us to church every Sunday and told us about as well as showed us the love of Christ. I am thankful that my kids get to live close to their grandparents so they can learn from them as well.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today was one of those rare but great days that we had no plans. Yesterday I got the house cleaned, laundry caught up and even the yard mowed. So today we slept in and rolled out of bed around 10. It was so NICE! We decided we needed to do something fun with the kids and get them out of the house so we headed for the lake. We called some new friends of ours that have kids the same ages as ours and they weren't doing anything either so off we went. We ate lunch at the new marina restaurant. Our kids had so much fun tubing. Madelyn was a little scared at first and only wanted to go slow but her friend was screaming "faster, faster!" So Jarrett cranked it up and she laughed the whole way. Nathan and his buddy were bouncing so high but amazingly never flipped out. Jarrett did flip Brent and Jennifer luckily the only sustained minor injuries and should be healed within a couple of weeks. In Jarrett's defense they did tell him to go fast! I wish I had brought my camera to catch the two of them flying across the water. We had a great day!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hey girls,

I had made a page element of Blogs that I read so that it was easy for me to get to them and so I wouldn't have to remember your addresses. I want to apologize for not asking permission to do so. Please let me know if you want me to remove yours. I know we live in a crazy world and we just need to be careful. Please accept my apology. ~Kathy

Monday, July 7, 2008

Green hair

My sweet Nathan's beautiful white blond hair turned an interesting algae green color today after swimming in my parent's pool. They had added some extra chemicals last week because of an algae problem due to all the rain in June. He was pretty excited about it until I rinsed his hair with lemon juice.

Ok, one more Nathan story. We were cuddled up on the couch tonight watching the Bachelorette (can you believe she choose Jesse over Jason?) and I asked Jarrett to take Nathan to bed. Nathan looks up at me and says, "Mom why don't we just go put him to bed so we can cuddle more." Also, if you ask Nathan who is girlfriend is he says it is Mom. How long do you think that is going to last? I am enjoying it while it does.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I can't believe how fast summer is flying by. The kids are in swimming lessons right now and Nathan starts Piano lessons this week. He is really looking forward to learning how to play. I am not sure what to expect but I know it will be interesting. We have been swimming and enjoying playdates. I have been busy planning our surprise trip to Disney World for Christmas. I got the airline tickets purchased, our park schedule planned and restaurant advance dining ressies. We are NOT telling the kids so don't spoil the surprise. We are flying out of OKC because it was cheaper. We are going to tell the kids we are going to visit their Aunt Kris in Edmond. We will spend the night with her then get up early to catch a 5:50 am flight to Orlando. I haven't figured out exactly how we are going to tell them but I want to come up with something creative. So if you have any ideas of how we can tell them let me know. I think we will break it to them right when we get to the airport. I haven't been to Disney World since middle school so I am excited to say the least. We were even fortunate to get the coveted reservations for Cinderella's castle breakfast at her royal table. This will be a big surprise for Madelyn. She seriously cries when she sees "THE CASTLE" at the beginning of a Disney movie. I teared up when we got the reservation. That sounds so stupid but hey it was a childhood dream of mine as well. I know many of you have been there so I would love any and all Disney advice! I really need a job now to help out with all of these vacations this year. If anyone needs me to plan there vacay I would LOVE to help.

We went to the Lake to visit Jarrett's parents for the fourth of July. The kids had a great time shooting of their own fire works this year. There were only a few burns from the sparklers. Traci- Nathan just couldn't understand why we weren't going to Max's Nannies house this year. He is holding out for July of 2009.

Today at church Madelyn went to the front of the congregation to share that she wanted to get baptized. She did such a great job and we were so proud of her. She will be getting baptized next Sunday evening. We would love for you all to come. Email me and I will give you the details. We went up front as a family and the encourager guy asked Nathan if he had asked Jesus into his heart and Nathan replied," Yes, many summers ago (Actually it was last summer) but I am not ready to be baptized. Some kids just need longer and I am one of those kids." Jarrett and I were cracking up!