Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Blessings!

My dear friend Lisa and I have a tradition of hitting the sales on Black Friday. This year we started at the insane hour of 4:45 am. I picked her up and we headed for Best Buy. Usually we start at Kohls but we didn't have any "must haves" there and frankly we didn't want to hang out in that line that wraps around the store for 2 hours. It's just not worth it!! I don't believe in luck, rather in God's blessings. So my first black Friday blessing was getting a close parking spot at Best Buy. Then they had exactly what I was looking for and the line moved quickly. We were out of there by 5:20. Target didn't open until six but we decided it would be worth it to be in line to get what we needed and then get in and out. This led to my biggest blessing of the day. There was a lady walking along the line that went all the way past Belks handing out entry forms to a contest. I filled it out then turned it in after I got my loot and check out. Never gave it another thought! Lisa and I hit several other stores and were plum worn out by noon. So with our trunks full and checking accounts emptied we called it a day.

When I got home I noticed the answering machine blinking. You see where this is going, don't you. Jarrett said while he was in the shower some chick called me. He never listened to the message. So I click and can hardly believe my ears, "Mrs. Short you have won the grand prize at the giveaway at Target this morning. Give me a call and come pick up you $500 dollar Visa gift card."

Are you kidding me? I never win anything! I started screaming, squealing and jumping up and down! Jarrett thought it was a hoax until I called the lady back and she told me to meet her at Baja Jacks where she was eating. So we load up the kids and go pick it up! I am still in shock and just so thankful for this blessing!

So, what are we going to do with it?? Jarrett needs to get his air fixed in his car so it could go for that, or selfishly we want a blue ray player, Nathan said we could make his jaw drop and get him a DS. I even thought maybe we should give it away. Then I remembered our Disney Trip in two weeks and decided to put it toward our Disney Dining Plan which we have to pay for when we arrive. I have been whining to God about how we have had this vacation planned for a year and had saved the money but now it is all bye bye because of the lovely stock market. Oh, why does it surprise me that he cares about the little details of my life and always provides. He is so awesome!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Edward, AKA Edwardo to Jarrett, has been my life for the last week. I am totally hooked on the Twilight books. If you haven't read them, run to the store and get them!! They are addicting! I saw the movie on Friday morning!!!!!!!! Not as good as the book but I will say it helped feed my addiction. I hope they are making a sequel. I gotta go read, see ya later!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been a bit neglectful of my blog lately. It is 3:30 am and I can't sleep so I will give mammacakes a little attention. Nathan has been adjusting to school well. When the teacher told him to write a paragraph he told her he didn't need to write it because he only writes once a year and he has already written this year. I was cracking up!

Last weekend I went out running with a friend and when I got back Madelyn was waiting for me at the back door all dressed up. As I exited the car she exclaims, "Welcome to Casa de la Short!" Then she takes me by the hand to the kitchen where the table was set all fancy with candles and everything. There was big band music playing. Jarrett and cooked a delicious pork loin, twice baked potatoes, rolls, and green beans! It was so yummy!!! Madelyn took me back to my closet to fix me up for the dinner. She picked out a fancy dress and high heals and a bunch of plastic necklaces. Nathan danced with me and insisted on twirling and dipping me. It was so sweet! Thank you Jarrett! And yes, it was blogworthy.

We were at our friends house last Friday playing cards and all the kids fell asleep and this is how we found Madelyn.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear Nathan

Dear Nathan,

Today you flew, no you soared! Today was your first day of second grade at Hodson Elementary. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you! When you woke up this morning you said, "Hurry mom, get my clothes, it's my first day." I have never seen you get dressed so fast in your life. This was just one small victory for you today. Usually mommy has to tell you at least 10 times to get dressed then I end up helping you each step of the way. Daddy went to work late this morning just so he could see his boy go to school. When we pulled up to the school you saw your buddy Max. His mommy brought him early just so you boys could walk into school together. Wasn't that sweet?? You were so brave Nathan and you never looked back. We got to walk you to your classroom and see where you would be spending your days. There was already a desk with your name on it. Your teacher is really nice and made you feel very welcomed. I knew I would miss you terribly but I knew this was what was best for you. You were ready! Daddy drove mommy home then my tears started. Sometimes Mommy's just cry not neccesarily because we are sad but just because. Someday you will understand. God has opened so many doors for you sweet one and He has an awesome and mighty plan for your life! Mommy and Daddy did not take the decision to send you to school lightly. We prayed and prayed, prayed, and prayed some more. We really try to trust the Lord with each aspect of your life.

I drove to the Y and tried to stop my tears. It was really weird going without you. You have been my Y buddy for the last 2 years. It was even stranger going home afterward to a completely silent house. Mommy all of a sudden has this new found freedom, ok, that is weird too. I decided I would spend the day cleaning and doing laundry which have been neglected that last couple of weeks so I could focus on spending time with you. My thoughts kept drifting and wondering to what you were doing? I would start to worry then I would pray. As I was praying the phone rang and it was Mrs. Ingram. She is mommy's friend from church and is on your IEP team. She will make sure you get all the support that you need at school. She just called to tell me that you were doing great and were participating and didn't even need the para's. I am so thankful to the Lord that He cared enough to have Mrs. Ingram call me and reassure me. Then at lunch time we got an email from your teacher saying that you were doing great but were very quiet and maybe a bit overwhelmed by it all. Baby, I would have felt a little overwhelmed too if it was my first day at a new school. Let alone going from "homeschooling" and peace and quiet to lots of kids, new noises, new smells, new people, new rules, etc. Nathan, Jesus is always with you and will help you each day.
When I picked you up you were happy and you even shared with me bits and pieces of your day. You liked recess and music and were excited that you got to go to the Library and motor room. We want you to remember that when things get hard or uncomfortable to keep trying and never give up!
Nathan we are so excited for you as you start on this new journey. We are proud of you sweet one!!!

Hugs and Kisses,


Saturday, November 1, 2008


Is it really November already?? October flew by! My sweet ones had a great time dressing up and going to our church's fall festival then trick or treating around the neighborhood. Madelyn was Sleeping Beauty and Nathan was Bat Man! We had fun during the last week carving pumpkins, going to fall parties, and reading fall books. Today we went hiking around Skiatook Lake. The kids walked several miles and did a great job! Nathan brought his backpack just in case we got lost. Guess what was in it? A spiral and colored pencils. Umm, I'm not sure how that will help us if we get lost. After we got done hiking we went on a boat ride and each of the kids got to drive the boat! It was a great day!

Nathan's meeting went great. He qualified for an IEP and will be getting services at Hodson Elementary. He starts this Wednesday. I really just can't believe we are doing this. I am both excited and nervous. But I have a peace. We are thrilled that they will be providing a para for him that will assist him with transitions and during any difficult parts of the school day. He will also have access to a motor room for those days that his sensory issues are a problem. He will be in a regular classroom of course. He tested way above grade level and everyone that worked with him was quite impressed at how smart he is. Next Tuesday we will have another meeting where we write the IEP and meet with his classroom teacher. We are praying that God will put him with just the right teacher. Nathan is so excited!!! Which is an answer to prayer!