Saturday, November 21, 2009


The curtains by sweet friend Taffy made! Jarrett's 35th Bday!

Fall Break 2009-Silver Dollar City, Madelyn gets her ears pierced!

Pony farm!

We got some new trees for our new house!!

Happy 7th Bday Ella!!


Happy Halloween!!!!!

My life has done a complete 360. I have gone from being a stay at home mom, to a homeschooling mom, to a stay at home mom while my kids are at school mom, now I am a working mom. I have been MIA the last couple of months while our family has been adjusting to this new way of life. I am shocked at how things have changed in our lives some for the good, some for the not so good. Of course I second guess everything all of the time. I always wonder if I have done the right thing, if my kids are going to be better off or worse off for the decisions I have made. Sometimes I even wish I could go back to homeschooling. I must say though that I love my job and feel complete peace while I am there. It is just the other stuff that stresses me out like, laundry, finding time to pay bills and balance the check book, cleaning and cooking and working out, grocery shopping. I just don't have enough hours in the day or I am just to wiped out at the end of the day to do anything productive. The first few months of school were CRAZY! We would get to school by 7:15 and leave after 5:00 most days. Then I would work after the kids went to bed. Now we keep much better hours! Thankfully my kids LOVE playing in my classroom and helping mommy out. I absolutely love the ladies I work with, God has truly blessed me with a fun team to teach with and a great copy mom. (no more standing and making hundreds of copies each week!!) I love my class and helping them reach their full potential. They are a fun and crazy group of kids. They keep me own my toes for sure! I didn't realize how much I missed teaching until I went back. Jarrett has been amazing by being supportive and by helping out more around the house. Plus, he has lowered his expectations and he even thinks it is great when we have cereal for dinner.

Nathan has been busy with his Occupational and physical therapy, his social skills group and his Piano. In his free time he loves playing legos, wii and ds, reading and doing science experiments.

Madelyn started speech this fall to work on her "r's" She is getting better everyday! She loves first grade, her teacher and all of her new friends. When we get home from school she runs up to the game room and plays "school". You would think she had her fill after being there all day. Two days a week she goes to her power tumbling class where she is working hard to get her back handspring.

Ok, so that is it for now. I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts before they are completely forgotten. I am going to try to do better about posting. If for nothing else as a record of our lives so that some day when I find time to work on my photo albums I will have this blog to help me remember.


Becki Francy said...

Love the pics of the house! Need some more! Glad you enjoy going back....May will bring a great break, I am sure!

Rebecca said...

you are better than I am! I have not blogged for months! I love the comment about Jarrett not minding eating cereal for dinner... it is ham and cheese sandwiches at our house... too tired to cook on most nights I work!

shell said...

Missed hearing about you and glad that you are doing well! So proud of you and all you are doing as a wife, mother, and teacher! Hero in my book! Praying Nathan is okay and I loved the Disney pictures...we are thinking about doing that one Christmas. Love to you all!

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