Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prayer Request

I am up and it is 5 am on a holiday. I can't sleep. Last night Nathan gave us quite a scare. He had been outside enjoying his favorite past time, digging in the dirt pile at the construction site next door, it was getting cold and dark so I told him it was time to come in. He was filthy so I picked him up and carried him upstairs. (Yep, I can still carry my almost 9 year old!!) As I was getting his bath ready, he used the restroom and starting gasping. His pee was filled with blood, not just a little blood, but a lot of blood. I am freaking out on the inside. I stick him in the tub and run downstairs to call the Dr.'s office. I know in my mind it is most likely no big deal but I seriously revert back to the mom of a 1 pound baby when he gets sick. I am hoping that by some chance that the Dr.s office has extended hours tonight. It is already 5:15 pm the night before Thanksgiving so I know we are probably out of luck.
Much to my surprise the receptionist answers and is able to get us right in. I had been in the middle of baking an apple pie so I turn off the oven and get Nathan dressed. Part of the reason I was so worried was because for the last week he has been complaining that his body hurts. He has been so dramatic about it and to be honest Jarrett and I were getting rather annoyed by it because it seemed to only hurt when we asked him to do something like get dressed or go clean his room. My imagination is running wild and mommy guilt is setting in. I am thinking, "Did I miss the warning signs of something major??"
After the first urinalysis they ruled out a UTI. The nurse practitioner asked our pediatrician to stay late because of Nathan's extensive medical history. Jarrett and I were very appreciative of that. They did diagnose him with a double ear infection. He never, ever told us his ears hurt. Our Dr. said sometimes when kids get viruses or infections there bodies can react by producing blood in their urine. So it could just be no big deal. They sent us over to the hospital for blood work and more urine samples as a precaution. We are also taking him for a kidney ultrasound on Friday morning and then back to the Dr. Friday afternoon. So as of now we still don't know the exact cause but we are so thankful that God is taking care of our son and helping us get answers quickly. Please pray for Nathan that he is healed of whatever this is. Thank you!


Becki Francy said...

Kathy - So sorry, will pray for you today! Let us know what the results are. SOON!

Rebecca said...

what ended up happening???? was it his kidneys???? praying for you that you are still able to get to go on your trip to Disney!

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